Martes, Agosto 27, 2013

Why plurk?

According to Plurk, these are the things that you can enjoy at Plurk:

Share and Discover

On Plurk's front page you can discover fresh news, videos and pictures on the web, shared and voted on by the Plurk community.

Upload your own emoticons

Emoticons make Plurk fun! Now you can save time trying to find the perfect emoticon. With Emoticon Manager you can save your own emoticons with your own shortcuts!

Design your own profile

Everyone wants a beautiful profile. We have great presets, css customization and tens of thousands of themes developed by our community to make your Plurk profile looks just the way you want.

Earn badges, Unlock features

Plurk is a social network with game mechanics built-in. Earn super badges and unlock new features such as unique characters, custom display name and photo upload as you interact and share with your family and friends.

So do you wanna be a plurker now? Visit to join plurk community!

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