Miyerkules, Setyembre 11, 2013

Want to earn new badges?

Here are the current list of badges of Plurk:

Meaning of the badges/How to earn these badges:

 Invited more than 10,000 users
 Invited more than 1,000 users
 Invited more than 100 users
 Invited more than 50 users
 Invited more than 25 users
 Invited more than 10 users
 Has over 100,000 profile views
 Has over 10,000 profile views
 Has over 1,000 profile views
 Has over 100 profile views
 Has been user for over 1500 days (~Xdays)
 Has been user for over 1000 days (~Xdays)
 Has been user for over 500 days (~Xdays)
 Has been user for over 100 days (~Xdays)
 Has been user for over 10 days (~Xdays)
 Plurked over 10000 times
 Plurked over 1000 times
 Plurked over 100 times
 Plurked over 10 times
 Responded over 50000 times
 Responded over 5000 times
 Responded over 500 times
 Responded over 50 times
 Has uploaded a profile picture
 Has more than 50 fans
 Reached Plurked Nirvana
 In the karma 1000 club
 Is a good Plurk hacker! Found security bugs in Plurk.
 Developer of Plurk tools using API
 Creator of a Plurk community site
 Translator of Plurk

Note: Acquiring badges by cheating the system can result in a ban from the service of plurk.

I really want the last 5 badges. I hope plurk would recognize this site and give me an opportunity to share my skills as a translator of Filipino language.

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